When Festival Bands Become Fashion Pieces

Summer is time for festivals, whether it be rubbish tan lines and streaks of burn or returning home minus a pair of mud-caked wellies and frizzy rain hair. A time when every girl becomes a hippy for the duration of a week and brings out the shortest shorts, to the delight of most of the guys. Alongside the flower head bands and kimonos comes the festival jewellery. Suddenly festival bands become bracelets and beaded jewellery made by your five year old sister becomes acceptable.festival bracelets


And if collecting all of these bracelets seems like a task, it’s fairly easy to buy them in one go and look like a festival goer without the tents and portable toilets. Add matching rings with coloured stones, and some neon nail polish and your summer look is complete. Or if your pockets are feeling very empty at the moment and stretching to brand new jewellery seems almost impossible- search the charity shop for bargains (and yes, kids bracelets are acceptable this season) or dig out one of your old bracelet making kits. This look could not be easier so no excuses can be made. Love and Peace from Jewellery Box xo

festival highstreet


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